Eating New Englandy (contributor)

We believe that eating locally should also mean embracing traditional regional food. Here’s a celebration of 15 restaurants where authentic New England flavor is still on the menu.

Emily Dickinson said it first: “I think New Englandly.” That phrase has inspired Yankee writers and editors for decades. We wonder what it means to think, travel, work, create, govern, and even eat New Englandly.

And that last item seems more urgent now, as we witness the very slow fading of a once-common facet of New Englandy life: the classic tavern with roast beef on the menu and Indian pudding for dessert, or the old-school red-sauce Italian restaurant in Boston, or the diner serving johnnycakes made with flint cornmeal. We believe that eating locally should embrace not just the produce grown in nearby fields, but traditional regional foodways. It’s time to celebrate the places that still do.

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