To be a person is to have a story to tell.

-Isak Dinesen

Our stories define us. Powerful and authentic stories we tell ourselves and other people about a person, an event, a decision, or even a moment that has special meaning. In a step-by-step process, I will help you write an essay in your own words that will connect with and engage your readers.

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1. Recorded Zoom Interview

Whether you are sure of your topic or still exploring, I'll ask you questions, and your answers will form the basis of your essay.



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2. Transcription, Analysis, Structure

I will make a transcription of our call, then spend some time analyzing the stories you've told me. I will then take your own words and place them into a document with a clear structure, adding questions for you that probe for further details.


3. Drafts & Revisions

After I share the first draft of the document with you, it will be your turn to answer the questions I've included in the draft. We will repeat this process a couple more times until we have a draft we both believe accurately captures your story and your authentic voice.