With Jacob’s Garden, they’re renewing the past for a sustainable future

The Pillow is rooted in farming history. Now that’s a part of the present, too.

By Jocelyn Ruggiero Globe Correspondent,Updated May 21, 2021

BECKET — When MOMA invited Adam Weinert to reconstruct some of Ted Shawn’s early solo works in 2013 as part of its 20 Dancers for the XX Century dance program, he seized the opportunity. Like many male dancers, he feels indebted to the modern dance pioneer for forging a pathway for male bodies in that art form. Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers performed only until 1940, and Weinert speculates that it is perhaps because of the interruption of two world wars that Shawn’s work wasn’t “passed body to body” as it was for his contemporary Isadora Duncan and student Martha Graham. Since there was no one from whom Weinert could learn Shawn’s choreography, he undertook his reconstruction “from the outside in.” He began at the source. Read Full Article.