Why You Should Try One of These Awesome, Exclusive, Super-Tiny Restaurants

Tiny restaurants are having a moment. Here are some great new ones to try.

Enter the sleek lobby of the boutique Duane Street Hotel in New York City’s Tribeca and you’ll notice a discreet bookshelf at the back of the room. Beyond this bookshelf lies a secret entrance—a door that leads you t o a tiny, hidden dining room. In this dining room there is counter for four overlooking a kitchen, as well as tables seating 16 people. This is the space diners will encounter when chef Jehangir Mehta opens his newest restaurant, Graffiti Earth, early in 2016. The former Jean Georges pastry chef, also known for his stint as a contestant on “Iron Chef America,” is no stranger to a small space: His three restaurants—Grafitti, Me and You (a private dining establishment in Mehta’s kitchen), and now Graffiti Earth—are all tiny. “I’ve always been drawn to creating small places,” he says.

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