At Vista Life Innovations, I teach adults with developmental disabilities, both in-person and during this time of COVID-19, via Zoom.

Upcoming Classes

Write a Short Story, Novel, Or Novella, Part I*

Beginning a short story, novella or novel might seem like a daunting task, however, doing thorough preparation can make it less so. In this class, you will do the work you need to do before you begin your work of fiction using lessons that comprise the National Novel Writing Month preparation program. You will:

  1. Develop a Story Idea 

  2. Create Complex Characters

  3. Construct a Detailed Plot or Outline

  4. Build a Strong World

You should be prepared to do your work on an iPad or computer using Google Drive so that you can share your work with the instructor for review and comments.

*Please note, this class will be followed by a “Part II” offering, in which you will begin to write your work of fiction. To read more about National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo) See https://nanowrimo.org/


Music Writing Class

Each time this class meets, we will use music as a point of departure for writing. Although we will use specific writing exercises, students will also have the freedom to choose topics as well.

Class activities will include Sense memory exercises to sharpen skills of recollection and observation and short writing exercises. Participants will be encouraged but not required to share their work with the group, and as part of this will practice presenting skills.

Please include the name of a favorite song and the artist when you register.

Past Classes

Travel the World! (ZOOM)

After months of staying in due to COVID-19, each week students will use their imaginations to do one thing they can’t do right now: travel the world, eat at a restaurant, attend a music concert, a play, a sporting event. They will then use their 5 senses to write about their experiences.

Write Your Life
There are many ways in which we can tell our life’s story. Usually, that story is made up of a series of events or people that have important meaning to us. In this class, participants will choose an important event or person in their lives that is essential to their life's story- and then write about that event or person.

All participants should be prepared to commit to a small amount of weekly homework. Sample assignments include: writing a paragraph, giving thought to an assigned topic, or finding family photos. All abilities welcome, and no prior experience writing is required. The final class will consist of a reading. All participants will be asked to attend.  Sharing your work will be encouraged but Not required.

Life On Camera

Part public speaking, part journalism, and part performance, this class will explore the various ways in which we interact with and explore the world around us. This exploration will take place through the lens of a video camera, and we will regularly review the on-camera work recorded during class. Students will practice presenting their own stories and asking others questions about their lives through interviews. They will also practice work as "journalists,"  assessing and asking questions about topics that interest them.

Featured on FOX 61 and nominated for a New England Emmy Award.

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