Creative Writing Teacher at Vista, which offers programs and pathways to independence for young adults with neurological disabilities.

Sample of Recent Classes

Write Your Life
Our “life’s story” is rarely a single story. More likely, it is a series of stories about events or people that have special meaning to us. Each week, we will use exercises to help recall and describe significant memories, events and people that are essential parts of who we are. Participants may choose to keep a journal as part of their work and memory recall outside of the classroom.

Write and Publish Your Own Children's Book 
In this class, students will write, illustrate and publish their very own children's books
Class activities will include:

  • Readings from popular children's books 
  • Short writing exercises  
  • Illustration sessions

Participants will be encouraged to share their work with the group, and will also practice how giving positive feedback to peers who share their work. The class will culminate in a field trip to a local elementary school kindergarten class, where class members will read their newly published books to children. All abilities are welcome, and no prior experience writing is required.

Write a Short Story, Novel, Or Novella, Part I*
Beginning a short story, novella or novel might seem like a daunting task, however, doing thorough preparation can make it less so. In this class, you will do the work you need to do before you begin your work of fiction using lessons that comprise the National Novel Writing Month preparation program. You will:
1. Develop a Story Idea
2. Create Complex Characters
3. Construct a Detailed Plot or Outline
4. Build a Strong World

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