At Vista Life Innovations, I teach writing to adults with developmental disabilities, both in-person and during this time of COVID-19, via Zoom.

Current class: Travel the World!

After months of staying in due to COVID-19, each week students will use their imaginations to do one thing they can’t do right now: travel the world, eat at a restaurant, attend a music concert, a play, a sporting event. They will then use their 5 senses to write about their experiences.

Life On Camera (2017): Part public speaking, part journalism, and part performance, this class will explore the various ways in which we interact with and explore the world around us. This exploration will take place through the lens of a video camera, and we will regularly review the on-camera work recorded during class. Students will practice presenting their own stories and asking others questions about their lives through interviews. They will also practice work as "journalists,"  assessing and asking questions about topics that interest them.

Host Your Own Food TV Show (2016): Do you love to cook - or just love to eat?  Have you ever dreamed of having your own Food Network television show? In this class, participants will spend seven weeks preparing for their very own food segments for broadcast on television. 

After choosing a no-bake dish, each student will learn how to create a “rundown” for his or her segment outlining the steps necessary to make each recipe. In the course of doing so, they will decide which stages to show their audience and draw a picture of the setup for the segment.

This class will support and integrate many of Vista’s Life Skills classes including food and time management and require such practical tasks as preparing shopping lists, measuring ingredients, and timing steps. It will also emphasize positive self-expression. Students will practice speaking in front of the class- developing their own voices, making eye contact, and exploring different words to describe tastes.

The class will culminate in a final presentation at the Guilford Community Television studio, where segments will be filmed for broadcast on GCTV and the Vista YouTube channel. The goal is for students to feel successful, independent, and masterful.

Featured on FOX 61 and nominated for a New England Emmy Award.

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